Friday, 29 August 2014

Summer is still here and the Tango Nomads are coming !

It's that time of year when the schools are all going back .. new term, new friends, new beginnings, new shoes? Yes, we've had a bit of a break, ok, only 2 weeks, not like the 8 we used to take for granted in my old school days!  Am I sounding nostalgic?  The 2 weeks have actually seemed quite a long time,  in tango it seems ages, our bodies and minds certainly miss it! It's time though to seek out the dance shoes again, get back to the lessons and thankfully, our creative tango playtime too.
This coming Wednesday September 3rd,  7.30 -10.30pm we welcome some great experienced teachers the "Tango Nomads" to start our new autumn programme -  their perspective is genuinely refreshing, practical and hugely informative, + we can all gain something from them to help us enjoy our tango even more!  You are encouraged to attend the whole evening if possible (the second class will be accessible for those with 2 months and over experience) and there will be our usual practi-break between the classes, to ensure time for a quick refreshing tea, a dance or if you're lucky, both!
I hope there will be some new faces as well as the lovely familiar ones on Wednesday - we all enjoy sharing our tango with new friends.

This week we are meeting at the central Malvern location, The Lyttelton Well, Church St.,  next to the Priory church, look forward to seeing you there!

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

tango evolving, yes!

Tango In Malvern? yes it's developing and evolving just like tango should ..We have been enjoying a good variety of input from some truly exceptional and inspiring visiting teachers and dancers. This last week we were treated to an informal evening with Leon Eakins a true British born but authentic milonguero. He dances and admires salon or traditional tango more than anything else .. which to a group like ours aiming to produce talented social dancers rather than stage performers, this is useful indeed. We spent the night seemingly just enjoying the music and dancing together, while working on our socially pleasing dance style .. where SMALL is sometimes actually better, you may be pleased to discover! A Pleasure!
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Twelve minutes of love

"Twelve minutes of love" a tango story by Kapka Kassabova -you may have heard this book being reviewed last week on Radio 3 and also Radio 4 "Excess baggage".When I heard the title, I must admit I wondered what I'd be in for - we all know what tango is about, don't we? From time to time, when we start a new course of classes or just a one-off workshop, we like to ask everyone in the group to say just one word or phrase perhaps, about what tango means to them. "Passion, music, shoes, dressing up, connection, frustration, tension, strictly!., Vincent & Flavia, embrace, hugs, desire, longing, and LOVE" ..have all featured and we survey each other joined in this pleasing awareness we share something special. The book is good, I think surprisingly honest and not as cliched as people may imagine. At the start of my read, I couldn't help but think " she is young and single and so of course, free to be able to pursue a globally stretching tango addiction without constraint (other than money..)" ..A little envy perhaps, bubbled up secretly, but then as Kapka told of her complex and painful relationships that she experienced through tango, I began to see the other side of things. This book can do two things, either fire up your desire to really throw yourself into tango fever wholeheartedly, or even perhaps warn you off it altogether! A choice to be made by all of us who teeter on the brink of tango obsession. Well done Kapka! Great tango truths .. and I still teeter.

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Sunday, 5 June 2011

inspire and renew me please

Time flies by too fast.. too much to do as ever, in other areas of life than tango, but still I am driven to do something special for Tango Malvern. This week we have some very exciting, incredibly special young visitors, to inspire and renew us.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

We spoil you, Tango Siempre in Malvern

2011 has started well for Tango Malvern....last weekend with our first "Tango Soirée" of the year with Loyd Vidal and Sandra Bernard at The Fold, Bransford, was a fabulous evening. Dancers converged from all over and the atmosphere warm in all ways.. Superb dancing from our lovely guest couple inspired us all..
There will be more such Soirées! very soon..

In the meantime though get ready for our rather bigger event our second Valentine's Tea Dance with none other than the UK leading band Tango Siempre.
Because we want to spoil you, and if truth be known, us as well, we have requested the full musical quintet Julian Rowlands bandoneon, Ros Stephen violin, Jonathan Taylor pianist/keyboard , Richard Pryce double bass, and Buenos Aires-born vocalist Guillermo Rozenthuler with his rich, soulful voice create the richest and most powerful sound imaginable ..drama, passion, seduction…. Tango Siempre at our Valentine's Tea Dance has it all…

Venue :

Colwall village Hall,

Mill Lane,

Colwall, Nr Malvern,


WR13 6EQ

. Tango Siempre has it all…

join us, if you dare this Valentine's Sunday Tea Dance .

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Monday, 3 January 2011

yummy shoes...

A new year has arrived - let's hope we greet more enthusiastic tangueros and tangueras into our growing tango community this week!
Dancing tango has to qualify as one of the best healthy resolutions you can make for yourself-
it's sociable, good for your posture, your brain, (in lots of ways..even maybe helping prevent dementia according to research) .....tango is incredibly pleasurable via its beautiful music and shared connection with your partner, it can lead to totally new experiences locally and through travel, widening interest in other cultures and languages ...
amongst a whole host of benefits to name just a few ,and, not forgetting of course,
there are the most exquisite SHOES ever imaginable ..........see you soon...

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Hey you, do you want to dance tango?

a quarter to two in the morning and reflecting on tango yet again... is there ever a day in my life these days when I don't think about tango in some depth ?
another weekly class has gone by, positively in general and yet I wonder why we are lacking in women at the moment.. A few weeks ago we had the more usual situation of "we need more men.." now its a few more women we seem to need...
which brings me swiftly to my point as its getting later by the word .. I believe it really is all to do with the embrace..
some of our lovely leaders are developing a really comfortable and warm embrace. A good place to be! Others don't seem as yet to believe that it really does offer the secret to divine tango. Homework for this week then, is take note, stand up nice and tall, and embrace your tango partner like a really special adorable friend.
Sweet dreams cuddly ones!

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Friday, 24 September 2010

local or international connection..

Busy busy busy..even our "local" tango scene has revved up over the last year or so. Now it's difficult to plan bigger events such as workshops and milongas for fear of clashing with another group nearby (when I say "local" I mean probably within an hour's drive )...
However.....our last really special tango splurge was a few weeks ago now, with our much awaited for and greatly appreciated Korey Ireland and his partner Adeline Schieferstein, (it took a year of planning to arrange..) and yet its taken me till now to sit down a minute and reflect.
I accept no one wants to read endless waffle, but still I need to remind ourselves of a few points of the weekend we so much enjoyed and benefitted from here in the wilds of Worcestershire, England, not Buenos Aires that is..!!
We read a lot of conflicting comments on the web from tango purists, tango "fascists" ..and then those who really want to be in the spotlight literally- on the stage, legs flashing everywhere, epitomised by TV's "Strictly..."

Our mission here in gentle Worcestershire is to promote salon tango, or social tango, the non aggressive, elegant, subtle form of tango danced more typically in the milongas of Buenos Aires. From the outside this may not look so dramatic as some styles, but then, the feeling runs deeper, so nerve-tinglingly deep in close embrace but perhaps "just walking" that I know which style I prefer to share with someone else..
So looking back on that weekend of workshops we shared with Korey and Adeline, it's the memory of that gentle presence that prevails, discreet, moving and intense...
the focus on the connection, the relationship between each other, and the MUSIC, said it all.
We were treated on the Saturday night to a live and spontaneous musical set with Korey on his bandoneon, Cliff on guitar, Xenia violin and Peter Okell-Walker also guitar...
"Brilliant. "...The floor was filled with joyful dancers..a dream indeed.
We will carry on this mission here in Malvern, to try to develop tango for all people, for enjoyment, spiritually and emotionally, it has to be salon (or social) tango...
Incidentally, our "local do, although primarily intended for the tango regulars from here and nearby, in fact brought visitors from far and wide including, Huddersfield, Southampton, Wales, Bristol, and New Zealand! Great to make these lovely warm tango connections ...

looking forward to continuing with this ..more similar workshops and weekends hopefully coming up ....

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer holiday tango

The summer is usually a time for slowing the tango classes - but this year we simply couldn't resist carrying on, only missing 1 week so far!
The club wanted to carry on and when it came to it, I couldn't bear to stop either.
Our "bumper holiday specials" are just that - an extra dose of fun and games..
yoga for preparing to tango, technique exercises for tightening up on details, and practice sessions to let go (hopefully,) explore the steps again and enjoy, yes most importantly ENJOY the shared experience that is tango.
A young club like ours deserves to be nurtured.

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Tango and George Bernard Shaw, Malvern

Back home in Malvern, having left behind the frenzy of Buenos Aires, and surrounded now by soft greens of our English countryside, I find a new interesting historic connection. For some inexplicable reason I have always maintained that although Malvern is a small town, tango could still happen , being a place rich in art and culture, music and literature with Edward Elgar and George Bernard Shaw being perhaps two of our most famous associations.
Now we are getting ready for a new phase in our young tango club's development, as we have found a new venue for milongas. A beautiful Victorian gothic mansion in Great Malvern called "The Grove" has presented itself which lends itself perfectly to intimate tango soirées - it has a magical atmosphere within a private house and gardens, and the concert hall itself has known both Elgar and Shaw perform there. Thrilled to find out this romantic history I couldn't believe my eyes this weekend when at Birmingham attending the International Dance Festival at the Gallo Ciego Tango club, where I picked up some flyers and other tango papers by the door which I later read this morning. In " The 400 club" paper, an article titled "Tango and the man" Tom Keenes writes how George Bernard Shaw, author of 63 plays including Pygmalion (1913) actually did learn to tango in his later life and referred to this as "the only discoverable dance" - he apparently took tango lessons while on holiday for 6 weeks in Madeira and attributes his teacher Max Rinder as being "the only man who ever taught me anything!"
Maybe, when we dance tango in the dimly lit Grove concert hall perhaps with a fire crackling in the fireplace should the chilly weather so dictate, we'll be thinking of Sir George hoping he smiles on us too.
Our first milonga and tango workshops in a series of "summer tango soirées" will be next Saturday May 8th at The Grove, Avenue road, Malvern with teachers Loyd Vidal and Sandra Bernard who will also do a performance during the evening. (full details on the website at Tango Malvern.)

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

starving in Buenos Aires

At last I return to my blog while here in Buenos Aires! What a place, it has absorbed me and challenged me ever since my arrival.

Now, the incredible force of nature, via the volcanic eruption in Iceland has resulted in me having to stay longer, well, who I am to argue?

Some nights in milongas feel surreal, sitting in dance halls that probably haven't changed since the 1940's. Some of the milongueros seem likewise, although mostly these older men are charming and so kind, perhaps glad to take a younger woman around the floor. I''ve been glad of their attention as usually their dancing is steady, straightforward and musical, a gentle way to start an evening perhaps, before encountering the young, strong and more daring style of the newer generations.

Friends from home text me and comment that I must be getting "so good" while I'm here, that would be great, although tango here doesn't seem like that, it humbles you, as it really seems to be in their bones. I have worked on my technique mostly and difficult those classes have been. I would like to return home an improved follower, as to share the tango at its best is my real desire.

Now, for the first time since I arrived here, its pouring with rain, and there is quite a storm rumbling overhead.

Hopefully, I will be able to get out tonight to a milonga though...I feel starved if I miss a night's tango!

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

passionate day with Tango Siempre

Over a week since our anniversary big do and Valentine's Day Tea Dance with the totally amazing Tango Siempre! There was a tremendous amount of work in the preparation for the event especially the catering arrangements which turned out to be just us! Cakes of all sizes from tiny cup cakes to big layered sponges were turned out furiously and even the scones were made at home in the Aga in the morning, to make sure they were at their very freshest best for the afternoon tea with cream and raspberry jam.

Fortunately we had opted for a later performance slot from Tango Siempre, with Dj Andreas Wichter taking the helm from opening time of 3pm until we stopped for tea around 5'ish, with the big band striking up in brilliant form afterwards.
Wow, were they worth it? The energy from their intense playing entranced virtually everyone to come on to the dance floor to tango. Even some people who had never danced tango before in their lives chanced themselves to the swirling tide of tangueros . Magnificent seems a too simple word to describe their music. All I know is I danced to virtually every song they played and it was like a perfect dream, over too soon..

Come back to Malvern soon Tango Siempre! We don't even need the excuse of Valentine's Day, just come back and play ..

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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Valentine's Day Argentine Tango

Valentine's Day: some people literally love this occasion, others squirm at the thought of all that sugary sweet commercialised trivia, but what about tango on Valentine's Day? Surely this is the stuff for the genuine hot blooded lover... there is no more passionate dance in the world than Argentine tango. Think about it.. the numerous films where the tango is featured as the ultimate, dangerous, most irresistible of all pairings..(Easy Virtue, Take the lead, Shall we dance, Death on the Nile, Last tango in Paris, to name but a few) this is why we dance tango for the frisson three minutes may give us. And the music!! Piazzolla, Pugliese, Di Sarli..

So, combine the world's most amorous dance with the sensuous live music of
"Tango Siempre" on Sunday afternoon in a quiet hall in the Malvern Hills, and you have the pure magical ingredients just right for discerning Valentines. Not to mention of course, a lovely old fashioned tea of home-made cakes and delicate sandwiches from our country kitchens.

Book a ticket just for you, or bring a special guest, but whatever you do, we hope you'll have a wonderful time.

But make sure you book a ticket as soon as possible as Tango Siempre has always been a big draw, and this especially being the full quintet including their superb singer
Guillermo Rozenthuler from Buenos Aries - it's an exciting coup for Malvern for this special day, and with tickets at £22.50 this is incredible value for undoubtedly the leading tango company in the UK plus a glorious tea of home-made cakes and scones (gluten-free options also available)

Here at Tango Malvern, we want you to enjoy yourselves. Come dance with us.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

macho tangueros in malvern!

What a difference a week makes, sunshine has arrived and the deep snow of the last days and weeks seems almost a dream. Maybe the dynamics of our tango class tomorrow will also be different from last Monday's, when I thought for a moment that I'd advertised a class "especially for leaders" as I noticed only men filter past me on the door.
Fortunately, some "followers" did arrive eventually, the hard core devotees of our club, thank you girls! Of course, for us women who have had to share men over the last few years, quite often at a ratio 0f 3:1, (fortunately hardly ever in Malvern!) this sort of evening comes as welcome treat!

Our guest teachers Loyd Vidal and Sandra Bernard however, handled the situation admirably, with quite wicked humour, and, the men seemed to enjoy the class theme of learning to follow as well as lead. There were some chuckles about dancing close embrace or not, and consoling remarks of men having originally learnt to tango in Argentina with other men, so ultimately the class was a great success.

When analysing the evening the next day, I worried that I may have frighted some of the girls away(?!) but dear friend Mhari pointed out to me that it was probably all due to the snow, the "treacherous roads"(once again!) as in the main women don't like driving around in such conditions, where as men regard it as having fun!

Well, what a relief, and thank you boys !! Now I feel even more proud of our truly macho tangueros we are blessed with here in little old Malvern. And girls, perhaps you should remember to appreciate them a tiny bit more, after all they make a big effort to learn this beautiful dance, in all weathers and with such good humour as well! It really does take two to tango.

PS., and to our brave girls who risked the roads to make the class, well done and thank you as well, you really do have what it takes to be a great tanguera: attitude!

PPS., dear Macho Tangueros and fiesty Tangueras, don't forget it's Valentine's Day in 4 weeks time from today, and we have the most wonderful treat planned for you all - Sunday February 14th at Colwall Village Hall, the most extravagant event we have so far organized: Valentine's Tea Dance with luscious irresistible cream tea, and fabulous live music by the internationally acclaimed Tango Siempre! Love and tango. You want it, we do it.

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

snow and new year resolutions

This snowy weather has been challenging for us country folk, roads have been "treacherous" according to the Daily Telegraph and many events and classes have had to be canceled or postponed. I am really looking forward to our regular Monday night class though tomorrow night, with guest tango teachers (albeit no further extreme weather!) Loyd Vidal and Sandra Bernard of Gallo Ciego tango club, b'ham. They should soon get us back on the straight and narrow. I hope everyone else will feel the same. The Christmas and New Year break has gone on longer than ever, exacerbated by the snow, and my clothes are feeling a little on the tight side too. However, we almost don't need to make resolutions (in the traditional self-righteous sense) if we are committed tangueros and tangueras, as leading a life devoted to tango really can keep us healthy both physically and emotionally. I should feel relaxed about my little bit of extra padding my body has added over the festive period and all the comforting family cooking, for a week or so of serious dancing will soon do its job hopefully. Tango is the way forward, as it was last year .. more lessons, more workshops, more musical awareness, but most importantly more sensitivity from both leaders and followers. My resolution is to simply continue spreading this wonderful secret to good physical and emotional health, tango more, but with true conviction and utter commitment to the person dancing opposite!

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

sorry for the cliche

What a time we've been having, and while I keep thinking about the blog, somehow the subject keeps changing. Of course it's that time of year, with so many events going on in tango as well as the "other life". Last night we went to the Cheltenham Christmas milonga and how different that was to say, just a few months ago. We arrived late, (in typical style) after sorting out some unavoidable "extramural activities" and I scanned the hall to see who was there. At first I thought a few people who I'd hoped to see weren't there, but no! I was wrong, for soon I noticed one of our lovely blossoming tangueras dancing with the stylishly cool Georgios . It is amazing what tango brings out in people, perhaps first of all in the shoes, then the clothes, and maybe then the hair...Life is for living, and dancing tango certainly allows us this affirmation.
I feel tempted to address any possible readers as "darlings" because as cliched as that may seem, and also at the risk of sounding sentimental, it's how I now honestly feel when I see those lovely familiar faces across the room. We share a joy for this beautiful dance, the music, the freedom it allows us to express ourselves, the warmth of the shared embrace and that glorious connection we feel when dancing together and with our fellow dancers...
it's tango ... thank you for hosting a great night Janet and all at Tango Cheltenham.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

after the ball....

This should have been posted after the Salon tango event on 14th November... somehow it was put aside....

After the ball is over, we can reflect on the weekend that has now passed by. Life has returned to normal, we had our regular monday class although as our guest teachers had flu we actually ended up doing a practica instead- which in some ways was no bad thing.
The salon workshops with Andreas Wichter on saturday were undoubtedly excellent making us aware of our posture, think about the embrace, and components of tango movements including 4 variations on the cross. For us mere mortals trying to lead these it was quite challenging , but he did emphasise the need to practice, and "do our homework"
I wonder how may people do go home and actually practice?


But back to the glamour we shared during the "Salon" on the Saturday night. We had invited dancers to dress the part in 30's and 40's attire, to enjoy the golden age music..We didn't expect Fred and Ginger to arrive though, or the wartime RAF officer, a lady in a mink stole over 1930's black lace dress, another in a 1940's print dress with blue snood covering her hair, nor a young glamorous couple in evening dress and tuxedo, straight from Hollywood perhaps. I do hope those pictures come out, it was such a beautiful scene at the Feathers Hotel. Candles flickered on the walls and chandeliers gently twinkled. The floor was smooth and immaculate. Darkness outside the windows cockooned the select party in the ball room. Some couples sipped champagne, the perfect accompaniment to the delicate canapes. An evening to remember fondly.

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

sublime, ultimate, perfect: can we have it?

Sometimes I wonder why on earth do I try to organize tango events? I have this idea, I imagine the perfect tango in almost surreal surroundings. But what is a perfect tango? I remember last winter hearing one of the girls discuss after the Hereford Ball as "not having had the sublime tango" which seems to sum up an approximation of what we all may be hoping for. The event we're organizing next weekend at the glorious location of the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury, HR8 1DS, a famous Elizabethan coaching inn, is one of my little "projects." Here is a chance to immerse yourself in some undisputed luxury, you can even take refuge in the spa, maybe swim a gentle length or two of the pool, after some very civilized salon tango workshops, before the evening's event. The Salon de Tango at 8pm will be an exclusive affair with exquisite canapes hand made by the Feathers Chefs, including such delicacies as lime & ginger marinated tiger prawns, or quails egg spinach & saffron mayonnaise croustade...But also take the time to dress for your fantasy in romantic and stylish 30's and 40's attire and truly escape to a bygone era of the golden age of Argentine tango. We opted to keep to the theme of this era totally and engaged Andreas Wichter to take charge of the music, so we can be sure of authentic beautiful tango music. So there we are, we've set the scene we hope and now all we need are the dancers with the right frame of mind to create the sublime, ultimate or perfect tango. I have the dress waiting and the champagne is always on ice.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

another Tango Malvern exciting event just around the corner!

How full and interesting a tango life we've been living these last few weeks. We had a wonderful time at the Tango Feast down in Devon with friends old and new and all led by Tara and Fernando, Jenny Francis and Ricardo Oria. Some beautiful dances too.

Now we are madly organizing our next Tango Malvern event on November 14th, at the spectacular Feathers hotel in nearby Ledbury. We have been promoting salon style tango within our group, and have greatly enjoyed recent Monday night classes at Malvern with Loyd And Sandra from Birmingham.

We are now looking forward to our first visit from Andreas Wichter and preparing for some wonderful in depth workshops doing just salon tango, beautifully.... so this time its 2 special workshops in the afternoon of November 14th, and then in the evening a destined to be glittering "Salon de Tango." all in the rather glorious Feathers hotel. We aim to have a truly fabulous time!

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Milongas in London, Edinbugh and Belfast, oh! and also Cambridge and MAVERN!!

I am always "boring the pants of people" apparently by constantly claiming that tango is much more than a dance, it is obviously good for you physically, but far more interesting really is how good it is for you emotionally. Dancing in close embrace with a partner satisfies a basic human need to connect with others and combined with the powerfully romantic music to fuel and inspire us, it can be a life changing experience, for many of us, fortunately, for the better.
Now, funnily enough, I was actually at the Southampton Boat show with my partner doing something "non-tango" for a change (well, I do this sometimes!) when I was informed very kindly by my sister that there 'd been an interesting article in The Times,(TheTimes2 arts/style/life) entitled "Easy steps to save your marriage " and how not only did the article make references to various scientific research about the diverse health benefits of learning tango, including it could save your marriage and consequently also thousands of pounds of legal fees.......
but also that finding somewhere to tango or go to a milonga now is easier in recent times as these events now happen regularly "in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, as well as provincial towns including Cambridge and MAVERN."
So there you are, you know where to come, and its true, we held 2 lovely milongas back to back recently at Colwall Village Hall near Malvern, and one very special milonga at "The Fold" also near Malvern, which even had the added attractions of a tapas bar...
And we fully agree, tango is excellent for your health, see you soon fellow tangueros and tangueras!!!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Thank you for your company!

YES! We had a great time at the Tango Fiesta!! Two real action packed days for some of us(!!)....starting with some excellent body and mind preparation work with Tessa the Iyengar yoga teacher...
Ok this seemed a bit crazy at first, but it certainly helped...
What were the highlights of this weekend ? Well, the workshops on Friday with Isolde were lovely, true technique based ... and there was a genuinely peaceful atmosphere amongst the dancers..while on Friday night we really let our hair down at the "milonga relajado" ...I was the Dj for the evening, but undoubtedly benefitted from the company of the celebrated "wheelbarrow sound system" ..(On the Bank Holiday Monday after the fiesta weekend the famous green wheelbarrow was one of the highlights at the Ledbury carnival, but the dancing on the streets there was not only tango.....)
Saturday was a day of great conviviality amongst the tangueros, workshops were full with Eduardo Bozzo and Isolde Kanikani leading some excellent themes, a "fun milonga" and lastly the very popular "volcadas/colgaldas...."
At the Fiesta milonga on saturday night Dj Alchemist took charge of all the music,( a relief for me!) and we were also treated to a wonderful impromptu tango display by our two stunning and charismatic dancers...Eduardo and Isolde...
Really, it was a perfect evening, very relaxed, lots of dancers on the floor all night, and our crowd boasted visitors from Coventry, Birmingham, Shrewsbury,Rugby, Hereford, Ross, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Southampton, let alone Malvern and Colwall itself..
Mhari excelled herself with her cakes ...Thank you they were wickedly delicious, we will be ordering for the next time! And maybe some of your fans will be back too...
Colwall village hall, Tango Malvern will return soon!!

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tango Fiesta // Reminder

Tango Malvern - Tango Fiesta


Friday August 28th programme:

★ 9.00am-10.30am Iyengar yoga // £7 (both days £12)

★ 11.00am-12.30pm " essential elements of Argentine tango, re-visited "(part 1) with Isolde Kanikani
£10 or + part 2 saturday both workshops // £18

★ 12.30-2.30pm Lunchtime practica (free if taking workshops or £2 drop-in)

★ 2.30-4.00pm "follower's techniques" with Isolde Kanikani sharing some special secrets // £9

★ 4.30-6.00pm "the leader's role" with Isolde Kanikani // £9

7-11.30pm "Milonga Relajado" with the celebrated "wheelbarrow sound
system " Fun relaxed night, bring a plate of something to share with friends, licensed bar, dress any style..

Saturday August 29th:

★ 9.00-10.30am Iyengar yoga // £7 (both day £12)

★ 11.00am-12.30pm " essential elements of Argentine tango, re-visited"(part
2) with Isolde Kanikani £10 or + part 1 Friday both workshops // £18

★ 12.30-2.30pm Lunchtime practica // (free if taking workshops or £2

★ 2.30-4.00pm "playful milonga" workshop with Eduardo Bozzo and Isolde
Kanikani (for improver and intermediate levels) // £10

★4.30-6.00pm "more adventures with volcaditas, colgadas and volcadas"
(improver/intermediate levels) with Eduardo Bozzo and Isolde Kanikani // £10

8.00pm -1.00am Fiesta milonga with "Dj Alchemist"
dress to excite in fiesta colours!! Licensed bar open until midnight.
Featuring performance by our guests Isolde Kanikani and Eduardo Bozzo.

Still time to take advantage of early booking discounts if booked before
August 20th!

some of the most popular choices:

★ "Pick and mix pass"-any 4 workshops + 2 Milongas/ + Practicas £37

★ "Mini pass" any 2 workshops + 2 Milongas/+ Practicas £30

★ "Beginner's package"- " essential elements of Argentine tango,
re-visited"parts 1/2 + leader's or follower's workshop + 2 Lunchtime
practicas £23

Please book on-line:


book by telephone tel: 07767 200072

Monday, 17 August 2009

let them eat cake....

A few weeks to plan "the new term" and getting things organized for Malvern's first ever tango festival? The idea seemed almost too sensible, but fortunate in retrospect, as it has turned out there really is a tremendous amount to do!
But, we have danced in Bristol with Eduardo, and another time at Tango West's new venue under the exacting eye of Andreas Wichter...a beautiful vals workshop.....then later up in Birmingham to Lloyd and Sandra's tango club...a great milonga class as it happened...
How good it is to go to some really good classes as a tango pupil ...and we look forward to some of their future visits to "Tango Malvern" the autumn!!

In the meantime, The "Tango Fiesta" takes shape...workshops all planned, Iyengar yoga scheduled first thing...lots of dancing from morning till the early hours! and for those looking for alternative entertainment,(?) just up the hill at "The Chase Inn" I have just discovered there will be a 3 day beer festival...perhaps the ideal sortie for the men when their partners are involved in "the specifically for followers workshop" (!) and perhaps then vice-versa!! everything in moderation though!

Perhaps slightly less risky, just round the corner from our Fiesta venue (Colwall Village hall) there is a sweet little cafe called the " Bonne bouche" my friend Mhari told me about it, consequently we obviously had to sample their wares of you know where you'll find us when the call for tea and cake is overpowering!! Isn't tango wonderful, it teaches you so much.. to connect with yourself and others and live life to the full.... that coconut cake was very good indeed....

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

tango our passion..

So much has been going on I haven't been able to sit down and blog for weeks! I can't stop thinking about tango yet sometimes the actual writing down all the points that filter through my head can seem like a monumental task..there is just so much to say- as tango has to be the subject I talk most about, conversations at parties always seem to come round to tango, even studying the enneagram with a local group (The Enneagram-understanding the 9 personality types ) inevitably appears to subdivide people into tango types or non-tango types! A fascinating debate, perhaps do a workshop sometime on that too..?
Where to start though? Tango Malvern the young tango club in Worcestershire, carries on quietly growing and developing...we near the end of our what would we call it, term perhaps? We need a few weeks to regenerate and refresh ourselves and while a lot of our tangueros are away on their family holidays, doing their gardens, attending Harley Davidson rallies, dressage events, weddings, or whatever....we will be busy refining all our plans and details for our first ever Tango Fiesta in Great Malvern, scheduled for the weekend of August Bank holiday.
But what a wonderful few weeks we've been having here in the heart of the England, or the "New Three Counties Tango society?" perhaps? Another point to discuss?
Last weekend we hosted an impromptu tango event with Aisha and Victor, the charmingly passionate couple from Buenos Aires, at a wonderful venue nearby to Malvern, an "ecoCafe"in a beautiful converted barn, complete with tapas and a bar. The atmosphere was similar to a private party. The numbers seemed about right, almost perfect balance, and even my first shot at "Tango dj" got the thumbs-up, which I was extremely grateful for, thank you! We were delighted to the positive response about Asha and Victor's teaching during the workshops we arranged, they were clear and direct, while reminding both men and women of their vital roles to ensure the essence of tango is not forgotten. We had some laughs which illuminated the serious looks of concentration, "Ladies! choose your favourite chest! and " Men! choose your favourite cleavage!" summed it all up...only someone with such a charming accent as Aisha could say such a thing perhaps, yet really it is so appropriate, so refreshingly non-PC, alarmingly sexist perhaps, so perfectly Tango! We love tango.

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Friday, 19 June 2009

Take a chance with tango...

Is anyone sure about anything at the moment. when there is so much uncertainty in the world? Yet it appears there are a lot of tango festivals going on across Europe. Maybe last year I would have gone along too, so alluring the idea of dancing tango in foreign climes, yet I feel curtailed now by the exchange rates and rising unemployment all around, that even in the pursuit of true art, I feel uneasy about it. Of course it all depends on your personal situation, and if you are able to go then do so, and enjoy. Definitely! Yet tango has survived great depressions before, surely because in many ways you don't have to spend a lot of money doing it and it's in difficult times that we really need it. The average class cost is really amazing value, around here it is anything from £4 for a one hour class to perhaps £6 -£8 for a whole evening including a practica session. Therapeutic in so many ways, learning tango is a whole lot better than many other more expensive activities, while you lose yourself in the music, move in perfect harmony while in the embrace of another warm kindred spirit, exchange a few words perhaps, there is undoubtedly a power in the dance. To not dance tango now is unthinkable, and would actually be of no benefit at all, as stress levels would rise, while we'd miss so much about the whole tango scene. What would we do with our special tango gear, the CD collection? The flirty little dresses you'd never wear to anywhere other than a milonga? The connection we all strive for in tango is what makes it so compelling to do, and what changes our life for the better really. Dilemmas occur when trying to organize tango events. We need to cover our costs obviously but feel its essential to keep the costs down as much as possible to encourage people to keep dancing regularly. In two weeks time we will welcome a couple on tour from Buenos Aires to lead our regular Monday night class in Malvern. Aisha and Victor will be in London before travelling up to our quaint old Spa town of Great Malvern. A truly glamourous couple yet when they appear we will charge the same £6 for the evening as we do on all the other seems the right thing to do. And to enable us to really get to grips with tango, we are now in the process of arranging the first "Tango fiesta" in the Malvern hills...August Bank holiday weekend, and of course we'll work on keeping the costs down, but not our standards or style! It could be a marvelous escape from the big wide world, Cocoon yourself in tango...or maybe we should stop defending the dance but simply remember "its better to have loved and lost rather than to have never loved at all..."

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Spas, Festivals and Parties!!

There is a lot happening in the tango world at the moment. Outside Malvern there are festivals happening all over Europe, with Edinburgh this weekend- wish we were going too, but it's a long way and eats up quite a few days in reality with the traveling involved, so as much as I absolutely loved going there last year, this time I allowed my sensible brian to dictate, stay in Worcestershire, save the train fares, and all that!
However, last weekend was a another matter as we drove over to Coventry to join the "Tango Spa", Tango Warwick's 2nd festival. Not a huge distance to drive, about an 1hr 15 mins, and a cheap hotel into the bargain! Credit crunch proof. Not only that, but we had the compete joy of joining workshops run by Ricardo Oria and Jenny Frances the top teachers themselves from Edinburgh! Their dancing is non other than beautiful, elegant and flowing, an inspiration to hold in our minds for a long time... The DJ workshop we took part in with Ricardo Peixoto, Rui "El Galerudo"Resende, and Ricardo Oria, was a highlight for us in what was a brilliant full-on learning weekend, for, in a "relaxed sitting around a table situation" we were able to fire questions at this amazing panel of expert DJs and dancers, really getting to the heart of what being a tango DJ is all we have to finesse our skills on watching the dancefloor and selecting the right tangos at the right times!! (no small order..)
The "Tango Spa" certainly did live up to its "soak yourself in tango" promise.....well done and grateful thanks to Ricardo and Su for their energy and faultless organization!
Now, we need to get to work with plans for our own little tango fiesta, in the diary for the weekend of August 28th (Friday) and Saturday 29th , running into sunday if enough interest... We are very excited about this, as it will be the first of its kind in Malvern, and we know that tangueros will love the chance of walking and running, maybe even dancing a tango, across the stunning Malvern hills literally on our doorstep! A romantic location with a wonderful set of teachers, workshops and events into the bargain!
A beautiful airy modern village hall with excellent dance floor is already booked for the Friday and Saturday, with the possibility of a small marquee on the Sunday for mini workshops and garden tea party is being considered! "Marquee Malarkey" would do this if we go ahead, as we already have experience of their fabulous "Latin-American championship standard" portable dance floors, in effect enabling us to set up and tango virtually anywhere....
I might even get a chance to play some suitably English music of Edward Elgar when I serve the tea and scones in the garden!
Dream on... there's loads of work to do in the meantime...

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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I'll have what she's having..

The passion for tango waxes and wanes sometimes. What is it about the dance that captivates some of us and yet leaves others unmoved? In our young tango community we watch how our core group of budding tangueros appear week by week, enthusiastically tackling the class subjects of ochos, giros and even the subtleties of el cabeceo. Yet some disappear, maybe for a myriad of reasons, we never really know why, but they are missed. It is the variety of people who dance tango that makes it so interesting, so diverse, so compulsive. Tango has conquered the world, in actual fact, as anyone fascinated with the subject will have discovered, as tango spreads its wings across the globe, we find talented dancers and teachers evolve not just from Argentina, but from the Far East, the whole of Europe, the Latin Americas, Russia, the USA as well as home bred in the UK. I have been amazed by the technical yet innovative approach to the dance of the Germans and Orientals, and the chic stylishness of the Italians, as well as the sheer passion of a genuine Argentinean!
We endeavor to bring to Malvern some of this eclectic society, for tango, although originated in Argentina well over a century ago, has over the last twenty years changed and diversified into an international passion. Why? An interesting question. Especially when you look at the fascinating array of people dancing tango today. Lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, engineers, musicians, farmers, teachers, scientists, artists, writers, to name but a few, and including young students to retired professionals. It has been described as the "thinking man's dance." In a world dominated by television, the internet and mobile phones with their constant demands via texts and emails, the real world of tango excites and makes us feel connected to the human race as a whole, far more than any cyber experience ever could.
When you experience a beautiful dance with someone, and are blown away by the awesome connection with that partner, I can never forget that line in the film "When Harry met Sally," and Sally is sitting in a cafe with Harry having just eaten a presumed "orgiastic" ice-cream, a nearby woman having observed her noisy renditions says to the waitress, "I'll have what she's having"...
We all want that, don't we? Yes please, and that wasn't even including the music!

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Friday, 17 April 2009

sleeepy old Malvern tries el Cabeceo!

Another week evaporates, this time of course we have had the Easter weekend as well, and some of us have been sharing eggs and buns with family. If we lived near the bright lights of London no doubt we'd be be out far more, but here in the depths of rural England, we tend to lead a quieter life. We had toyed with the idea of promoting "el cabeceo " within our young tango society, for several reasons, but mainly due to some of our own experiences at milongas over the last couple of years or so. Milongas should ideally be highly enjoyable sociable events where you can dance tango as much or as little as you personally like, simply chat with friends, and have a drink maybe. But sometimes, this doesn't happen - you can easily become drawn into the "getting x amounts of dances competition" and risking not really enjoying yourself as much as you could otherwise. My last blog of course did mention the slight problem with dancers setting their sights only on certain partners, and then possibly missing out on some truly memorable dances with others, now by mentioning the cabeceo I wonder if we can trigger some other responses. My experience as a woman has made me think if we could at least make people aware of its principles (cabeceo), we could perhaps make it a little clearer who we'd rather like to dance with and also very discreetly (of course, as we hate to have to reject people openly) suggest by averting our eyes appropriately we could avoid being asked to dance by someone we feel not ready to dance with (for whatever reason)....however maybe even later on in the same evening, for we may prefer the music now being played, our feet may have recovered, we may have finished that little chat with our friend, any reason(!) but we may now absolutely love the idea of dancing with you, and if we could just hint at this by a longer than average mutual stare, it would be so liberating! If only. However, we know how us the rather shy English tend to be about eye contact! "Oh my goodness, he looked at me, quick look away before I blush.." So, this game needs to be aired in the open a little so we can practice our flirty little tricks with each other and become more comfortable with it. Hence our class last monday, in the middle of highly restrained Malvern, famous for our Elgar connections, the Malvern hills, Malvern water (the Queen drinks this, you must know) yes, all in the true heart of England, we decide this is the place to introduce the slightly controversial cabeceo. Our tango pupils were given a little game to play, with leaders and followers facing one another across the hall, we were instructed to give each other negative and positive glances, with the idea of "yes, we do really want to dance" or "no, not interested at all!" At least we had a bit of fun with it, as it was Easter monday anyway and we were aiming for a mini milonga/practica for half of the evening in any case. Did it work? Well, I hope we haven't frightened people away, when we are really trying to empower them, it was certainly a start, it broke the ice, got people talking about the issues, and we hope to continue with the cabeceo project. Thank you to everyone for being such good sports. Thank you Mhari for bringing the bottle of Argentinean wine, that helped as well! And also Isolde for making some authentic mate (Argentinean type of tea) for us to share too.

On Tuesday, we made the journey to London to go and see the radical Orchestra Tipica Fernandez Fierro being their UK debut and which shook us defiantly from our sleepy Worcestershire comfort zone! Brilliant young musicians from Buenos Aires, of 3 violins, a viola, cello, double bass, piano and 4 bandoneons, plus a powerful vocalist wearing a selection of ties and even LED glasses (?), they were like nothing we'd ever heard before, very different from Bajofondo Tango Band, and the well known Gotan Project....playing Piazzolla with passion and aggression at the same time....those people who had expected to dance in the aisles to more traditional tango music were surprised, and their dance shoes were never taken from their shoe bags... Phew, what a night!

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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

we are all in awe, or in love perhaps..

An amazing number of people turned up for the milonga in Cheltenham on Saturday night. Well known faces from Bristol and Birmingham mixed with the locals and also of Hereford, Gloucester, Ross and Malvern tango scenes. Sandra and Lloyd of Birmingham were enthusiastically received for their impressive and stylish performances, a fitting example of salon tango and milonga. We must get over to Birmingham soon! Eduardo, who has been described in the past as the "divine" obviously has lost none of his allure and it was rumoured that dances with him could be expensively procured...whatever the truth, a number of ladies who were lucky enough to be captured in his embrace looked in no doubt of their ecstatic state. Thank you for the kisses though, maybe next time for me! Is it a little sad though, that maybe some beautiful dances are missed by some women turning down "ordinary men" while waiting around for the possible chance of a dance with one of the most adored and revered tangueros? I heard a friend refuse a dance with one man, but within seconds a certain gorgeous creature wafted by and she joked with me, saying that however she'd change her mind for him.... Of course it's wonderful to dance with the best leaders, as we float dreamily in their arms...but there are some incredibly good dancers in the "ordinary" category as well. I was very happy with the dances I experienced, although there are one or two niggles perhaps one could discreetly mention. Milongas are places where we should dance and socialise I believe, they are not the same as a practica, and those dancing should not practice their steps or try and teach the partner they are with new moves while on the dance floor...nor should we really be having a conversation while spinning round the floor. Lets talk before or after please, but not during our dance together. Also please don't compare me with your regular partner, we are all unique and maybe translate your lead in different ways. The object of the dance is to enjoy the tango as a shared experience, to revel in the connection if you're lucky enough to have it, and to live the moment through the music. Please don't apologise if you think you made a mistake, as long as you're being careful about not crashing into other people, and we keep on moving in time with the music, I'll be happy.. I hope you'll be fairly content with me as well. Salon tango should be about dancing together in a compact way that doesn't take up half the dance floor, we shouldn't be worrying about executing all our flash moves in the one evening, but ideally dancing only for and with the one person we are with at the moment, sharing every step, every breath practically, a true and emotional connection. That is bliss, and when it happens its surprising, not necessarily with the "best leader/dancer " in the room but whoever you are, you are wonderful.
So, next time, don't turn him down, he may be the most thrilling experience of your evening.
Although we still adore you, Mr Divine!

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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Edward Elgar and Francisco Canaro..

It is really lovely to see how many people stay to dance in the practica now on "Tango Malvern" evenings. ..Last night I danced with some of our recent beginners who were all doing very well, particularly with interpreting the maybe that our first "Tango Malvern" milonga is not that far away....and how exciting is that! The thought that in Malvern there is a budding tango scene, and a the sounds of Canaro, Pugliese and Di Sarli are drifting through the walls of our Edward Elgar rich architecture ...
The Malvern people seem hungry for this cultural development, and already mutterings are heard from those toying with the idea of planning trips to Buenos Aires ...maybe we could organize a grand tour...a little way off perhaps.. but not impossible by any means..
Certainly this summer we will be holding our first milonga at the very least....Plans are afoot!
And maybe another reason why I'm able to think about such big plans now is that a special Irish Setter is looking much better now, and is allowed out again for some "moderate" walks on the malvern hills, where it's not only the Enigma Variations you can hear these days across the breeze....

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We authorises the visitor to this Blog to make one free copy, by downloading to storage media, of any items featured on this site for the purposes of private research, study and reference. Any other copying or use of Tango Malvern copyright materials featured on this Blog, in any form or medium, is subject to the express written permission of Tango Malvern .

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Friday, 20 March 2009

shall we practica or milonga?

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and the sun shines, the daffodils sway and birds twitter in anticipation. My Irish setter is thankfully getting better and today we'll take a gentle stroll together to loosen his joints up just a little. If he could tango, I've always thought he'd make a wonderful leader, elegant yet masculine, but never yanking me about on the end of his lead!
There are events on this weekend, Bristol, a milonga with La rosa on Saturday, and also locally at Ross, with their practica at The Courtfield Arms , Lower Lydbrook, Nr Ross on Wye, which brings me to the subject of choice. sometimes how does one make the decision? After all, both possibilities have their attractions, one is really quite near and the other about an hour away down the motorway. Practicas are lovely for simply enjoying dancing with some of your familiar dance partners. It doesn't matter if you make a "mistake," for either the man or the woman, as you are supposed to be there to practise anyway, so you can learn from those experiences for the better hopefully. The practica is also an excellent first social dancing forum for the beginner, as you don't need to worry quite so much about the "Codigos"(codes of behaviour) although its also a good place to start observing the general rules, such as making sure you always dance in the correct direction around the room, in the "line of dance" and avoiding crashing into other dancers around the floor. So in essence, the practica is a brilliant safe place to work on lots of things before you actually try the milonga. There is nothing to stop you also practising on your own, maybe just walking around the dance floor in time to the music, or using the wall as a useful prop for working on particular steps, ochos, pivots etc.. simply make use of the space available, and take every opportunity to dance with as many people as you can. It is still a relaxing social event and you can dress up if you feel so inclined as well, trying out different shoes for comfort as well if you like. Its also quite fun to have a go at practicing your "cabezeo" as well, its easier with people you know! Although quite often, its surprising how direct you have to be with someone, as they may smile back when you catch their eye, unsure about whether you're just smiling or actually trying to attract them to the dance floor! In a practica situation, I feel I can be quite brazen and if I hear a piece of music playing that I can't resist dancing to, I have been known to simply say to someone "this is a beautiful tango, its a shame to waste it!" ...and fortunately usually they agree !
This is all wonderful experience in building up the self-confidence before going to the more formal milongas. I remember when we went to our first milonga, having never been to a practica before. I might have looked the part, but when we saw the crowded dance floor swirling around with those shockingly experienced looking couples, my heart sank. Certainly my partner gulped as we tried to somehow slip in discreetly into the slow lane, while fearfully executing our first awkward little sequence of steps."the basic 8", which is even more tricky for the novice to do at a milonga, as it starts with a back step of course! A few friendly practicas would have been invaluable at this stage, but we didn't know that then. Now, having learnt the hard and painful way, and having read about the history of tango, how the Argentineans learnt it, which was mainly of course through dancing with more experienced dancers at practicas, (not milongas) I recommend to new dancers to go to practicas often, as they really can provide some of the most enjoyable dancing you'll ever have!
So maybe this week, I've decided, a practica at Ross could be the ideal therapy!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

conflicting emotions on the tango front

sorry folks, I haven't been out of the country exactly, although I may've been out my mind with worry for some days which has affected my writing... Tango has been good in lots of ways, but one of my enduring life companions and hill walking friend has been rather unwell...the time when I usually reflect on my tango experiences has not happened, due to this very handsome chap hurting his back and not being able to climb the hills with me! I've really missed his completely positive non-judgmental nature he has, always bouncing along with unbounded enthusiasm for life...I think he may be on the mend, but I have to be patient, and in the meantime get back to the mission..
I had a truly inspirational day on saturday, when I went down to Devon to attend a workshop on the cross with Andreas Wichter and friends. The train journey down there was a pleasure anyway, passing by the sunlit sea through Dawlish and Teignmouth, and the day provided me with much needed extra detail and understanding to this often underrated tango "move"...loads to practice on now, thank you Andreas for such excellent tuition!
Last night at Tango Malvern we had a very good class with Ricardo Peixoto and Su Parc from Warwick Tango. Connectivity, posture and embrace all came up in this down to earth but constructive class. And when they danced for us at the end, all eyes were drawn to them, with their natural elegance and sense of playfulness, beautiful tango indeed. .
In the meantime, this handsome Irish chap, is lying flat out in his bed, no walks for him yet sadly.....

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Sunday, 8 March 2009

what to wear?

another week flies past, its been interesting...there are some slightly strange goings on in the malvern hills, but thats enough of that...
however one conversation was particularly amusing which occurred after a tango class down the local pub. Maybe it was the relaxing effect of the guinness, or maybe just the familiar easy manner we tend to have with our fellow tangueros..but someone started talking about what he liked a woman to wear at a milonga,...Ears pricked up, while we listened with fascination to what he'd say, "I think my favourite dress is a very slinky silk dress with no bra.." ....what?..hmm... maybe not quite what women like to hear. Then one by one we all volunteered our own thoughts on the subject, one thoughtful man referred to having an inkling towards a very fine cotton dress, "just below the knee", in maybe 1940's style, and very high heels...a good idea, yes. Another one kindly said he had no preference to what a lady wore other than she danced "like an angel", and this view was seconded by another well meaning gentleman, thank you, you are a gem!
What about the women? No stiff formal suits apparently, but, shirts that "feel good" maybe silk, linen or fresh cotton., even a nice t-shirt is ok on some men, "must be clean and fresh" was the main point, and shirts tucked in so that, one could enjoy their rear view of course. No overpowering aftershave for men or strong perfume for women either. I confessed it depends on the man but enjoy a variety of casual and formal looks and currently have a penchant for Pablo Veron's leather fedora.
So, all in all it was a quite a revealing and entertaining post lesson discussion, how many of us will heed the hints and tips we tossed around jokingly that night though?

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Always thinking of tango

Tango can really take over your life, from the obvious things like the way you choose your clothes, "yes, I could dance in that, or, no that would be too restrictive..." or, you may find yourself walking "tanguero style" when out with the dogs, do they appreciate it I wonder? Or those other walkers? ......A subject which is always cropping up is that of shoes, an obsession for a lot of us ladies undoubtedly, but how many of us have succumbed to some of those ultra high,ultra glamorous, bejeweled strappy stilettos, only to find that although they may look drop dead gorgeous, they can, very sadly,and I hate admitting this, hurt your feet, just a little,(?) or even a lot more..(!?!) .So I am on a mission to find some pretty shoes that don't cripple your dear feet, as I really think if you love tango, you want your feet to last a good number of years... I have one pair of Argentinean shoes that are my favourite,but looking a little faded now, and while one pair is ok for now, there are a few other pairs scattered around the house, hidden behind doors, some just "decorating" the place, that are not so reliable. .......Rebecca has just started tango officially and I'm pleased to hear she's found some of the Bloch shoes comfortable and protective while also being good value, so thats a useful bit of feedback, thank you!
Last night in our class at Tango Malvern we once again enjoyed a really good number, and whilst we worked on the walk, we also introduced the beginnings of giros (turns), creating the feeling of dance, and keeping everyone busy and looking happy... .encouraging for the Malvern tango scene.

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Saturday, 28 February 2009

busy week for Tango Malvern

It's been a busy week for Tango Malvern! We've had very encouraging feedback from many who came last monday. We have about 150 photos from the opening night, mostly taken by Isolde's boyfriend Jacob, who is obviously a very talented photographer, and next week we hope to put a slide show on a laptop for people to look at during the evening. If everyone is happy we would like to add a number of the pictures to the Tango Malvern website. Now, we need to carry on with the good work...After all the excitement on monday, we then went out to join some of the other local clubs' activities. Gloucester was a fun evening again, with some really creative dancing going on, a real joy! Then on Friday, we went to Cheltenham for Janet and Claus's class and practica,where we picked up some useful tips from Janet, a number of dreamy floats around the dance floor, and some nifty milongas with Matthew from Hereford Tango. We hope Cliff's shoulder is getting better though, it was making dancing for him very delicate! But, practicas are wonderful things, I wish they were compulsory !! I'm off up the hills now to walk the dogs, but one thing will be dominating my mind as usual, tango.....

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

opening evening success

What a wonderful sight to see so many at our official opening night of Tango Malvern! We had indicated on our flyers and website that it would help if people registered before they came so we thought we'd a rough idea of numbers, but, there was a vast crowd when we arrived even 15 minutes before the class was due to start, throwing some of us of course for a short while. However, while all these people were busy signing in and all that jazz, "somebody" had the good idea to ask if perhaps a couple of our guests, Claus and Janet from Cheltenham, might do a little dance to start off the evening in good style. Janet suggested that as Isolde would be teaching it might be nice if everyone saw her dance, so in fact Caus danced with Isolde, and a beautiful pairing it turned out to be! The class was full to the maximum capacity, as we had not only our new dancers but also our dear friends from Hereford, Ross, Cheltenham and Gloucester tango clubs. There really was a party atmosphere, very relaxed, fun and lively, with lots of chatter and smiling faces amongst the concentration of those trying to get a grip of some new techniques ...A glass of wine, Argentinean of course, gently rounded off the evening, and a birthday dance for Claus (providing a wonderful opportunity a number of ladies to secure a few moments blissful dancing with him!!) and ultimately we closed by dancing the traditional "La cumparsita"....We are looking forward to next week now with enthusiasm, we met some lovely new people this monday, and great tango dancing has arrived in Malvern!!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The first signs of Spring

A week is a long time in much has happened since the unbelievable snowy weather and extreme icy roads of last week! The weekend in London at workshops with Pablo Veron refreshed and exhilerated us, it was good to meet and dance with other tangueros from far and wide, see familiar faces from the Edinburgh festival up north, and Totnes down in the southwest..
And now the snowdrops and croci suggest the first sign of spring, the birds are twittering and things are gradually blossoming here in Malvern. Preparations for the official opening night for our new monday classes are underway and we 're all looking forward to welcoming the lovely Isolde Kanikani to the Malverns as well.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pablo Veron workshop - Negracha club

We were on the way to London for the Pablo Veron workshops, but everything was running too smoothly to be true! As we were going by train, we arrived at the station in good time, I was sent to buy the tickets while my partner parked the car just outside on the road. However, just as he had started to walk down the steep slope to the platform, he heard a train coming in, immediately started to run down towards it, but slipped in a pothole and twisted his ankle! Ouch! The irony was the train that he heard was going to Hereford not London, so the injury was all in vain, and now technically I am minus a leader! On the train, after tea, their tiny fruitcake, and painkillers, he didn’t seem too bad, but definitely unable to dance this afternoon. We discussed the predicament, and somehow thought of the wonderfully resourceful Janet from Cheltenham, to see if she could suggest someone who might like to slip in, and Janet very logically recommended I contact the organisers of the workshops at the Negracha club…which I have duly done, been since reassured “there should be enough leaders there!” So the poor injured party will probably be lying down this afternoon, unless he feels like coming along to sit down and watch, ( I could do with someone to take notes, haha) just hope nothing else goes wrong, its not Friday 13th after all is it? We avoided travelling on that day. No it’s Valentine’s day!!

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Friday, 13 February 2009

working out the program

Tango Malvern web site is
We've been busily working out our program of classes for the next few weeks. We are pleased that the lovely Isolde Kanikani will be coming to teach for 3 consecutive weeks, 23rd February, 2nd March and 9th.
After that, Ricardo and Su (Warwick Tango) will be joining us for 2 weeks on the 16th and 23rd March. They combine elegance and good technique and we are lucky to have them in Malvern.
Just hope the snow stays away now so that everyone can get around on the roads easily again. I had a scary drive back from Hereford Tango the other night, after their tuesday class, the A4103 ( through Fromes hill etc ) was like an iced roller coaster, not much fun though!
We appreciate the kindness of our friendly neighbouring tango clubs, everyone seems pleased that tango is developing in Malvern, and hoping there will be more people to dance with, and share our great enthusiasm for this beautiful past time.
Looking forward to welcoming friends to Malvern!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

hereford fun

Last night, Tango Malvern joined Hereford Tango for their regular Tuesday class, this time with one of our favourite young teachers, Isolde Kanikani, a good class exploring balance and dynamics, very enjoyable, with some beautiful dances afterwards. thank you Hereford Tango!

Monday, 2 February 2009

snowed in

It's a good job Tango Malvern doesn't have a class tonight, as it seems everyone is having trouble getting around today with deep snow in places, and classes are being cancelled all over the country, even in the heart of London! We are looking forward to our new venue in a just 3 weeks time though..(hope the weather is milder then,) in the meantime for today , more research, and listening to tango music..

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tango in Cheltenham

Last night, Tango Malvern went to Cheltenham for their milonga at the Bayshill church. A lovely evening with many familiar faces from Bristol, Birmngham Hereford and Gloucester to name but a few....DJ Janet excelled herself with a a very pleasing selection of mainly traditional tangos, valzes and milongas, with a few contemporary tracks for some extra spice as well. A great night's dancing, thank you everyone!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tango Malvern - Argentine Tango

Something special is just about to happen in the beautiful spa town of Great Malvern, the inspirational setting to a history of art and music, a group of enthusiasts are creating a club devoted entirely to Tango, the authentic Argentine style, where elegance, drama and passion combine to make one of the most addictive dances ever!!

If you already dance Argentine tango we will be pleased to welcome you, just as much as if you are completely new to the dance.

We are meeting every Monday in the middle of Great Malvern for classes for all levels with experienced Tango teachers, and also we will be holding regular practicas, where you can immerse yourself in practising your skills, or simply dance the hours away to your hearts content.

Make lots of new friends, have fun, experience incredible emotions, and, improve your posture and fitness at the same time!
Dance to authentic tango music from Buenos Aires dating from the !920s and 30s, through the golden age of the 1940’s and 50’s right up to contemporary tango music…. Be warned you may become addicted

Argentine tango in Malvern Worcestershire UK