Sunday, 8 March 2009

what to wear?

another week flies past, its been interesting...there are some slightly strange goings on in the malvern hills, but thats enough of that...
however one conversation was particularly amusing which occurred after a tango class down the local pub. Maybe it was the relaxing effect of the guinness, or maybe just the familiar easy manner we tend to have with our fellow tangueros..but someone started talking about what he liked a woman to wear at a milonga,...Ears pricked up, while we listened with fascination to what he'd say, "I think my favourite dress is a very slinky silk dress with no bra.." ....what?..hmm... maybe not quite what women like to hear. Then one by one we all volunteered our own thoughts on the subject, one thoughtful man referred to having an inkling towards a very fine cotton dress, "just below the knee", in maybe 1940's style, and very high heels...a good idea, yes. Another one kindly said he had no preference to what a lady wore other than she danced "like an angel", and this view was seconded by another well meaning gentleman, thank you, you are a gem!
What about the women? No stiff formal suits apparently, but, shirts that "feel good" maybe silk, linen or fresh cotton., even a nice t-shirt is ok on some men, "must be clean and fresh" was the main point, and shirts tucked in so that, one could enjoy their rear view of course. No overpowering aftershave for men or strong perfume for women either. I confessed it depends on the man but enjoy a variety of casual and formal looks and currently have a penchant for Pablo Veron's leather fedora.
So, all in all it was a quite a revealing and entertaining post lesson discussion, how many of us will heed the hints and tips we tossed around jokingly that night though?

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