Sunday, 20 September 2009

Milongas in London, Edinbugh and Belfast, oh! and also Cambridge and MAVERN!!

I am always "boring the pants of people" apparently by constantly claiming that tango is much more than a dance, it is obviously good for you physically, but far more interesting really is how good it is for you emotionally. Dancing in close embrace with a partner satisfies a basic human need to connect with others and combined with the powerfully romantic music to fuel and inspire us, it can be a life changing experience, for many of us, fortunately, for the better.
Now, funnily enough, I was actually at the Southampton Boat show with my partner doing something "non-tango" for a change (well, I do this sometimes!) when I was informed very kindly by my sister that there 'd been an interesting article in The Times,(TheTimes2 arts/style/life) entitled "Easy steps to save your marriage " and how not only did the article make references to various scientific research about the diverse health benefits of learning tango, including it could save your marriage and consequently also thousands of pounds of legal fees.......
but also that finding somewhere to tango or go to a milonga now is easier in recent times as these events now happen regularly "in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, as well as provincial towns including Cambridge and MAVERN."
So there you are, you know where to come, and its true, we held 2 lovely milongas back to back recently at Colwall Village Hall near Malvern, and one very special milonga at "The Fold" also near Malvern, which even had the added attractions of a tapas bar...
And we fully agree, tango is excellent for your health, see you soon fellow tangueros and tangueras!!!

Tango Malvern web site is

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Unknown said...

I have friends that roll their eyes when I mention Tango as if to say:

Ugh, there he goes again...

Excuse me if I'm moved by listening to great music and dancing close to graceful women :)

Great post, btw, especially the part about Tango as a better alternative to marriage counseling.

Pete | The Tango Notebook