Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tango Malvern - Argentine Tango

Something special is just about to happen in the beautiful spa town of Great Malvern, the inspirational setting to a history of art and music, a group of enthusiasts are creating a club devoted entirely to Tango, the authentic Argentine style, where elegance, drama and passion combine to make one of the most addictive dances ever!!

If you already dance Argentine tango we will be pleased to welcome you, just as much as if you are completely new to the dance.

We are meeting every Monday in the middle of Great Malvern for classes for all levels with experienced Tango teachers, and also we will be holding regular practicas, where you can immerse yourself in practising your skills, or simply dance the hours away to your hearts content.

Make lots of new friends, have fun, experience incredible emotions, and, improve your posture and fitness at the same time!
Dance to authentic tango music from Buenos Aires dating from the !920s and 30s, through the golden age of the 1940’s and 50’s right up to contemporary tango music…. Be warned you may become addicted