Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Edward Elgar and Francisco Canaro..

It is really lovely to see how many people stay to dance in the practica now on "Tango Malvern" evenings. ..Last night I danced with some of our recent beginners who were all doing very well, particularly with interpreting the music..it maybe that our first "Tango Malvern" milonga is not that far away....and how exciting is that! The thought that in Malvern there is a budding tango scene, and a the sounds of Canaro, Pugliese and Di Sarli are drifting through the walls of our Edward Elgar rich architecture ...
The Malvern people seem hungry for this cultural development, and already mutterings are heard from those toying with the idea of planning trips to Buenos Aires ...maybe we could organize a grand tour...a little way off perhaps.. but not impossible by any means..
Certainly this summer we will be holding our first milonga at the very least....Plans are afoot!
And maybe another reason why I'm able to think about such big plans now is that a special Irish Setter is looking much better now, and is allowed out again for some "moderate" walks on the malvern hills, where it's not only the Enigma Variations you can hear these days across the breeze....

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