Monday, 4 October 2010

Hey you, do you want to dance tango?

a quarter to two in the morning and reflecting on tango yet again... is there ever a day in my life these days when I don't think about tango in some depth ?
another weekly class has gone by, positively in general and yet I wonder why we are lacking in women at the moment.. A few weeks ago we had the more usual situation of "we need more men.." now its a few more women we seem to need...
which brings me swiftly to my point as its getting later by the word .. I believe it really is all to do with the embrace..
some of our lovely leaders are developing a really comfortable and warm embrace. A good place to be! Others don't seem as yet to believe that it really does offer the secret to divine tango. Homework for this week then, is take note, stand up nice and tall, and embrace your tango partner like a really special adorable friend.
Sweet dreams cuddly ones!

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