Wednesday, 25 February 2009

opening evening success

What a wonderful sight to see so many at our official opening night of Tango Malvern! We had indicated on our flyers and website that it would help if people registered before they came so we thought we'd a rough idea of numbers, but, there was a vast crowd when we arrived even 15 minutes before the class was due to start, throwing some of us of course for a short while. However, while all these people were busy signing in and all that jazz, "somebody" had the good idea to ask if perhaps a couple of our guests, Claus and Janet from Cheltenham, might do a little dance to start off the evening in good style. Janet suggested that as Isolde would be teaching it might be nice if everyone saw her dance, so in fact Caus danced with Isolde, and a beautiful pairing it turned out to be! The class was full to the maximum capacity, as we had not only our new dancers but also our dear friends from Hereford, Ross, Cheltenham and Gloucester tango clubs. There really was a party atmosphere, very relaxed, fun and lively, with lots of chatter and smiling faces amongst the concentration of those trying to get a grip of some new techniques ...A glass of wine, Argentinean of course, gently rounded off the evening, and a birthday dance for Claus (providing a wonderful opportunity a number of ladies to secure a few moments blissful dancing with him!!) and ultimately we closed by dancing the traditional "La cumparsita"....We are looking forward to next week now with enthusiasm, we met some lovely new people this monday, and great tango dancing has arrived in Malvern!!

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