Sunday, 15 February 2009

Pablo Veron workshop - Negracha club

We were on the way to London for the Pablo Veron workshops, but everything was running too smoothly to be true! As we were going by train, we arrived at the station in good time, I was sent to buy the tickets while my partner parked the car just outside on the road. However, just as he had started to walk down the steep slope to the platform, he heard a train coming in, immediately started to run down towards it, but slipped in a pothole and twisted his ankle! Ouch! The irony was the train that he heard was going to Hereford not London, so the injury was all in vain, and now technically I am minus a leader! On the train, after tea, their tiny fruitcake, and painkillers, he didn’t seem too bad, but definitely unable to dance this afternoon. We discussed the predicament, and somehow thought of the wonderfully resourceful Janet from Cheltenham, to see if she could suggest someone who might like to slip in, and Janet very logically recommended I contact the organisers of the workshops at the Negracha club…which I have duly done, been since reassured “there should be enough leaders there!” So the poor injured party will probably be lying down this afternoon, unless he feels like coming along to sit down and watch, ( I could do with someone to take notes, haha) just hope nothing else goes wrong, its not Friday 13th after all is it? We avoided travelling on that day. No it’s Valentine’s day!!

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