Tuesday, 17 March 2009

conflicting emotions on the tango front

sorry folks, I haven't been out of the country exactly, although I may've been out my mind with worry for some days which has affected my writing... Tango has been good in lots of ways, but one of my enduring life companions and hill walking friend has been rather unwell...the time when I usually reflect on my tango experiences has not happened, due to this very handsome chap hurting his back and not being able to climb the hills with me! I've really missed his completely positive non-judgmental nature he has, always bouncing along with unbounded enthusiasm for life...I think he may be on the mend, but I have to be patient, and in the meantime get back to the mission..
I had a truly inspirational day on saturday, when I went down to Devon to attend a workshop on the cross with Andreas Wichter and friends. The train journey down there was a pleasure anyway, passing by the sunlit sea through Dawlish and Teignmouth, and the day provided me with much needed extra detail and understanding to this often underrated tango "move"...loads to practice on now, thank you Andreas for such excellent tuition!
Last night at Tango Malvern we had a very good class with Ricardo Peixoto and Su Parc from Warwick Tango. Connectivity, posture and embrace all came up in this down to earth but constructive class. And when they danced for us at the end, all eyes were drawn to them, with their natural elegance and sense of playfulness, beautiful tango indeed. .
In the meantime, this handsome Irish chap, is lying flat out in his bed, no walks for him yet sadly.....

Tango Malvern web site is http://www.tangomalvern.com

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