Sunday, 6 December 2009

sorry for the cliche

What a time we've been having, and while I keep thinking about the blog, somehow the subject keeps changing. Of course it's that time of year, with so many events going on in tango as well as the "other life". Last night we went to the Cheltenham Christmas milonga and how different that was to say, just a few months ago. We arrived late, (in typical style) after sorting out some unavoidable "extramural activities" and I scanned the hall to see who was there. At first I thought a few people who I'd hoped to see weren't there, but no! I was wrong, for soon I noticed one of our lovely blossoming tangueras dancing with the stylishly cool Georgios . It is amazing what tango brings out in people, perhaps first of all in the shoes, then the clothes, and maybe then the hair...Life is for living, and dancing tango certainly allows us this affirmation.
I feel tempted to address any possible readers as "darlings" because as cliched as that may seem, and also at the risk of sounding sentimental, it's how I now honestly feel when I see those lovely familiar faces across the room. We share a joy for this beautiful dance, the music, the freedom it allows us to express ourselves, the warmth of the shared embrace and that glorious connection we feel when dancing together and with our fellow dancers...
it's tango ... thank you for hosting a great night Janet and all at Tango Cheltenham.

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