Saturday, 28 February 2009

busy week for Tango Malvern

It's been a busy week for Tango Malvern! We've had very encouraging feedback from many who came last monday. We have about 150 photos from the opening night, mostly taken by Isolde's boyfriend Jacob, who is obviously a very talented photographer, and next week we hope to put a slide show on a laptop for people to look at during the evening. If everyone is happy we would like to add a number of the pictures to the Tango Malvern website. Now, we need to carry on with the good work...After all the excitement on monday, we then went out to join some of the other local clubs' activities. Gloucester was a fun evening again, with some really creative dancing going on, a real joy! Then on Friday, we went to Cheltenham for Janet and Claus's class and practica,where we picked up some useful tips from Janet, a number of dreamy floats around the dance floor, and some nifty milongas with Matthew from Hereford Tango. We hope Cliff's shoulder is getting better though, it was making dancing for him very delicate! But, practicas are wonderful things, I wish they were compulsory !! I'm off up the hills now to walk the dogs, but one thing will be dominating my mind as usual, tango.....

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