Tuesday, 23 February 2010

passionate day with Tango Siempre

Over a week since our anniversary big do and Valentine's Day Tea Dance with the totally amazing Tango Siempre! There was a tremendous amount of work in the preparation for the event especially the catering arrangements which turned out to be just us! Cakes of all sizes from tiny cup cakes to big layered sponges were turned out furiously and even the scones were made at home in the Aga in the morning, to make sure they were at their very freshest best for the afternoon tea with cream and raspberry jam.

Fortunately we had opted for a later performance slot from Tango Siempre, with Dj Andreas Wichter taking the helm from opening time of 3pm until we stopped for tea around 5'ish, with the big band striking up in brilliant form afterwards.
Wow, were they worth it? The energy from their intense playing entranced virtually everyone to come on to the dance floor to tango. Even some people who had never danced tango before in their lives chanced themselves to the swirling tide of tangueros . Magnificent seems a too simple word to describe their music. All I know is I danced to virtually every song they played and it was like a perfect dream, over too soon..

Come back to Malvern soon Tango Siempre! We don't even need the excuse of Valentine's Day, just come back and play ..

Tango Malvern web site is http://www.tangomalvern.com

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