Friday, 22 May 2009

Spas, Festivals and Parties!!

There is a lot happening in the tango world at the moment. Outside Malvern there are festivals happening all over Europe, with Edinburgh this weekend- wish we were going too, but it's a long way and eats up quite a few days in reality with the traveling involved, so as much as I absolutely loved going there last year, this time I allowed my sensible brian to dictate, stay in Worcestershire, save the train fares, and all that!
However, last weekend was a another matter as we drove over to Coventry to join the "Tango Spa", Tango Warwick's 2nd festival. Not a huge distance to drive, about an 1hr 15 mins, and a cheap hotel into the bargain! Credit crunch proof. Not only that, but we had the compete joy of joining workshops run by Ricardo Oria and Jenny Frances the top teachers themselves from Edinburgh! Their dancing is non other than beautiful, elegant and flowing, an inspiration to hold in our minds for a long time... The DJ workshop we took part in with Ricardo Peixoto, Rui "El Galerudo"Resende, and Ricardo Oria, was a highlight for us in what was a brilliant full-on learning weekend, for, in a "relaxed sitting around a table situation" we were able to fire questions at this amazing panel of expert DJs and dancers, really getting to the heart of what being a tango DJ is all we have to finesse our skills on watching the dancefloor and selecting the right tangos at the right times!! (no small order..)
The "Tango Spa" certainly did live up to its "soak yourself in tango" promise.....well done and grateful thanks to Ricardo and Su for their energy and faultless organization!
Now, we need to get to work with plans for our own little tango fiesta, in the diary for the weekend of August 28th (Friday) and Saturday 29th , running into sunday if enough interest... We are very excited about this, as it will be the first of its kind in Malvern, and we know that tangueros will love the chance of walking and running, maybe even dancing a tango, across the stunning Malvern hills literally on our doorstep! A romantic location with a wonderful set of teachers, workshops and events into the bargain!
A beautiful airy modern village hall with excellent dance floor is already booked for the Friday and Saturday, with the possibility of a small marquee on the Sunday for mini workshops and garden tea party is being considered! "Marquee Malarkey" would do this if we go ahead, as we already have experience of their fabulous "Latin-American championship standard" portable dance floors, in effect enabling us to set up and tango virtually anywhere....
I might even get a chance to play some suitably English music of Edward Elgar when I serve the tea and scones in the garden!
Dream on... there's loads of work to do in the meantime...

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