Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Always thinking of tango

Tango can really take over your life, from the obvious things like the way you choose your clothes, "yes, I could dance in that, or, no that would be too restrictive..." or, you may find yourself walking "tanguero style" when out with the dogs, do they appreciate it I wonder? Or those other walkers? ......A subject which is always cropping up is that of shoes, an obsession for a lot of us ladies undoubtedly, but how many of us have succumbed to some of those ultra high,ultra glamorous, bejeweled strappy stilettos, only to find that although they may look drop dead gorgeous, they can, very sadly,and I hate admitting this, hurt your feet, just a little,(?) or even a lot more..(!?!) .So I am on a mission to find some pretty shoes that don't cripple your dear feet, as I really think if you love tango, you want your feet to last a good number of years... I have one pair of Argentinean shoes that are my favourite,but looking a little faded now, and while one pair is ok for now, there are a few other pairs scattered around the house, hidden behind doors, some just "decorating" the place, that are not so reliable. .......Rebecca has just started tango officially and I'm pleased to hear she's found some of the Bloch shoes comfortable and protective while also being good value, so thats a useful bit of feedback, thank you!
Last night in our class at Tango Malvern we once again enjoyed a really good number, and whilst we worked on the walk, we also introduced the beginnings of giros (turns), creating the feeling of dance, and keeping everyone busy and looking happy... .encouraging for the Malvern tango scene.

Tango Malvern web site is http://www.tangomalvern.com

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