Sunday, 26 July 2009

tango our passion..

So much has been going on I haven't been able to sit down and blog for weeks! I can't stop thinking about tango yet sometimes the actual writing down all the points that filter through my head can seem like a monumental task..there is just so much to say- as tango has to be the subject I talk most about, conversations at parties always seem to come round to tango, even studying the enneagram with a local group (The Enneagram-understanding the 9 personality types ) inevitably appears to subdivide people into tango types or non-tango types! A fascinating debate, perhaps do a workshop sometime on that too..?
Where to start though? Tango Malvern the young tango club in Worcestershire, carries on quietly growing and developing...we near the end of our what would we call it, term perhaps? We need a few weeks to regenerate and refresh ourselves and while a lot of our tangueros are away on their family holidays, doing their gardens, attending Harley Davidson rallies, dressage events, weddings, or whatever....we will be busy refining all our plans and details for our first ever Tango Fiesta in Great Malvern, scheduled for the weekend of August Bank holiday.
But what a wonderful few weeks we've been having here in the heart of the England, or the "New Three Counties Tango society?" perhaps? Another point to discuss?
Last weekend we hosted an impromptu tango event with Aisha and Victor, the charmingly passionate couple from Buenos Aires, at a wonderful venue nearby to Malvern, an "ecoCafe"in a beautiful converted barn, complete with tapas and a bar. The atmosphere was similar to a private party. The numbers seemed about right, almost perfect balance, and even my first shot at "Tango dj" got the thumbs-up, which I was extremely grateful for, thank you! We were delighted to the positive response about Asha and Victor's teaching during the workshops we arranged, they were clear and direct, while reminding both men and women of their vital roles to ensure the essence of tango is not forgotten. We had some laughs which illuminated the serious looks of concentration, "Ladies! choose your favourite chest! and " Men! choose your favourite cleavage!" summed it all up...only someone with such a charming accent as Aisha could say such a thing perhaps, yet really it is so appropriate, so refreshingly non-PC, alarmingly sexist perhaps, so perfectly Tango! We love tango.

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