Wednesday, 8 April 2009

we are all in awe, or in love perhaps..

An amazing number of people turned up for the milonga in Cheltenham on Saturday night. Well known faces from Bristol and Birmingham mixed with the locals and also of Hereford, Gloucester, Ross and Malvern tango scenes. Sandra and Lloyd of Birmingham were enthusiastically received for their impressive and stylish performances, a fitting example of salon tango and milonga. We must get over to Birmingham soon! Eduardo, who has been described in the past as the "divine" obviously has lost none of his allure and it was rumoured that dances with him could be expensively procured...whatever the truth, a number of ladies who were lucky enough to be captured in his embrace looked in no doubt of their ecstatic state. Thank you for the kisses though, maybe next time for me! Is it a little sad though, that maybe some beautiful dances are missed by some women turning down "ordinary men" while waiting around for the possible chance of a dance with one of the most adored and revered tangueros? I heard a friend refuse a dance with one man, but within seconds a certain gorgeous creature wafted by and she joked with me, saying that however she'd change her mind for him.... Of course it's wonderful to dance with the best leaders, as we float dreamily in their arms...but there are some incredibly good dancers in the "ordinary" category as well. I was very happy with the dances I experienced, although there are one or two niggles perhaps one could discreetly mention. Milongas are places where we should dance and socialise I believe, they are not the same as a practica, and those dancing should not practice their steps or try and teach the partner they are with new moves while on the dance floor...nor should we really be having a conversation while spinning round the floor. Lets talk before or after please, but not during our dance together. Also please don't compare me with your regular partner, we are all unique and maybe translate your lead in different ways. The object of the dance is to enjoy the tango as a shared experience, to revel in the connection if you're lucky enough to have it, and to live the moment through the music. Please don't apologise if you think you made a mistake, as long as you're being careful about not crashing into other people, and we keep on moving in time with the music, I'll be happy.. I hope you'll be fairly content with me as well. Salon tango should be about dancing together in a compact way that doesn't take up half the dance floor, we shouldn't be worrying about executing all our flash moves in the one evening, but ideally dancing only for and with the one person we are with at the moment, sharing every step, every breath practically, a true and emotional connection. That is bliss, and when it happens its surprising, not necessarily with the "best leader/dancer " in the room but whoever you are, you are wonderful.
So, next time, don't turn him down, he may be the most thrilling experience of your evening.
Although we still adore you, Mr Divine!

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