Thursday, 21 January 2010

Valentine's Day Argentine Tango

Valentine's Day: some people literally love this occasion, others squirm at the thought of all that sugary sweet commercialised trivia, but what about tango on Valentine's Day? Surely this is the stuff for the genuine hot blooded lover... there is no more passionate dance in the world than Argentine tango. Think about it.. the numerous films where the tango is featured as the ultimate, dangerous, most irresistible of all pairings..(Easy Virtue, Take the lead, Shall we dance, Death on the Nile, Last tango in Paris, to name but a few) this is why we dance tango for the frisson three minutes may give us. And the music!! Piazzolla, Pugliese, Di Sarli..

So, combine the world's most amorous dance with the sensuous live music of
"Tango Siempre" on Sunday afternoon in a quiet hall in the Malvern Hills, and you have the pure magical ingredients just right for discerning Valentines. Not to mention of course, a lovely old fashioned tea of home-made cakes and delicate sandwiches from our country kitchens.

Book a ticket just for you, or bring a special guest, but whatever you do, we hope you'll have a wonderful time.

But make sure you book a ticket as soon as possible as Tango Siempre has always been a big draw, and this especially being the full quintet including their superb singer
Guillermo Rozenthuler from Buenos Aries - it's an exciting coup for Malvern for this special day, and with tickets at £22.50 this is incredible value for undoubtedly the leading tango company in the UK plus a glorious tea of home-made cakes and scones (gluten-free options also available)

Here at Tango Malvern, we want you to enjoy yourselves. Come dance with us.

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