Thursday, 20 January 2011

We spoil you, Tango Siempre in Malvern

2011 has started well for Tango Malvern....last weekend with our first "Tango Soirée" of the year with Loyd Vidal and Sandra Bernard at The Fold, Bransford, was a fabulous evening. Dancers converged from all over and the atmosphere warm in all ways.. Superb dancing from our lovely guest couple inspired us all..
There will be more such Soirées! very soon..

In the meantime though get ready for our rather bigger event our second Valentine's Tea Dance with none other than the UK leading band Tango Siempre.
Because we want to spoil you, and if truth be known, us as well, we have requested the full musical quintet Julian Rowlands bandoneon, Ros Stephen violin, Jonathan Taylor pianist/keyboard , Richard Pryce double bass, and Buenos Aires-born vocalist Guillermo Rozenthuler with his rich, soulful voice create the richest and most powerful sound imaginable ..drama, passion, seduction…. Tango Siempre at our Valentine's Tea Dance has it all…

Venue :

Colwall village Hall,

Mill Lane,

Colwall, Nr Malvern,


WR13 6EQ

. Tango Siempre has it all…

join us, if you dare this Valentine's Sunday Tea Dance .

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Monday, 3 January 2011

yummy shoes...

A new year has arrived - let's hope we greet more enthusiastic tangueros and tangueras into our growing tango community this week!
Dancing tango has to qualify as one of the best healthy resolutions you can make for yourself-
it's sociable, good for your posture, your brain, (in lots of ways..even maybe helping prevent dementia according to research) .....tango is incredibly pleasurable via its beautiful music and shared connection with your partner, it can lead to totally new experiences locally and through travel, widening interest in other cultures and languages ...
amongst a whole host of benefits to name just a few ,and, not forgetting of course,
there are the most exquisite SHOES ever imaginable ..........see you soon...

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