Wednesday, 18 November 2009

after the ball....

This should have been posted after the Salon tango event on 14th November... somehow it was put aside....

After the ball is over, we can reflect on the weekend that has now passed by. Life has returned to normal, we had our regular monday class although as our guest teachers had flu we actually ended up doing a practica instead- which in some ways was no bad thing.
The salon workshops with Andreas Wichter on saturday were undoubtedly excellent making us aware of our posture, think about the embrace, and components of tango movements including 4 variations on the cross. For us mere mortals trying to lead these it was quite challenging , but he did emphasise the need to practice, and "do our homework"
I wonder how may people do go home and actually practice?


But back to the glamour we shared during the "Salon" on the Saturday night. We had invited dancers to dress the part in 30's and 40's attire, to enjoy the golden age music..We didn't expect Fred and Ginger to arrive though, or the wartime RAF officer, a lady in a mink stole over 1930's black lace dress, another in a 1940's print dress with blue snood covering her hair, nor a young glamorous couple in evening dress and tuxedo, straight from Hollywood perhaps. I do hope those pictures come out, it was such a beautiful scene at the Feathers Hotel. Candles flickered on the walls and chandeliers gently twinkled. The floor was smooth and immaculate. Darkness outside the windows cockooned the select party in the ball room. Some couples sipped champagne, the perfect accompaniment to the delicate canapes. An evening to remember fondly.

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

sublime, ultimate, perfect: can we have it?

Sometimes I wonder why on earth do I try to organize tango events? I have this idea, I imagine the perfect tango in almost surreal surroundings. But what is a perfect tango? I remember last winter hearing one of the girls discuss after the Hereford Ball as "not having had the sublime tango" which seems to sum up an approximation of what we all may be hoping for. The event we're organizing next weekend at the glorious location of the Feathers Hotel, Ledbury, HR8 1DS, a famous Elizabethan coaching inn, is one of my little "projects." Here is a chance to immerse yourself in some undisputed luxury, you can even take refuge in the spa, maybe swim a gentle length or two of the pool, after some very civilized salon tango workshops, before the evening's event. The Salon de Tango at 8pm will be an exclusive affair with exquisite canapes hand made by the Feathers Chefs, including such delicacies as lime & ginger marinated tiger prawns, or quails egg spinach & saffron mayonnaise croustade...But also take the time to dress for your fantasy in romantic and stylish 30's and 40's attire and truly escape to a bygone era of the golden age of Argentine tango. We opted to keep to the theme of this era totally and engaged Andreas Wichter to take charge of the music, so we can be sure of authentic beautiful tango music. So there we are, we've set the scene we hope and now all we need are the dancers with the right frame of mind to create the sublime, ultimate or perfect tango. I have the dress waiting and the champagne is always on ice.

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